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Nixie clock kit with IN-16 nixie tubes

NCV3.1-16 - Nixie clock kit with IN-16 nixie tubes

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NCV3.1-16 is the full nixie clock kit including four IN-16 nixie tubes. The kit contains all required electronic parts, preprogrammed microcontroller, fittings, printed circuit board, column separator bulb and nixie tubes (78 parts in total). Not included are enclosure and wall-cube type power supply.

The clock is professionally designed using the cutting-edge tools and technologies. Printed circuit board is routed with considerations to requirements for SMPS, signal interference, shielding and heat dissipation. Here is no doubt - you will feel quality from the first sight. To ensure easy assembly, no tiny SMD parts were introduced. Best, FR4 type material is used for the PCBs.

All electronic parts are the best quality and comes from the famous producers such as: Philips, Microchip, Texas Instruments, STM,  Maxim-Dallas, International Rectifier, Yageo and others. The Nixie tubes are New-Old-Stock and comes mostly from Russian military plants.

The clock's firmware is driven by Round-Robbin scheduler. Several industrial protocols are involved and dozens of tasks and algorithms are coded. It is quite complex and contains many thousands of code lines. It is programmed so that all settings and tube's lifetime counter values are stored in the internal EEPROM memory and are kept safely during the power outage.

Current version of firmware: v2.0.

Technical data




l        Time display

       12-hour mode

       24-hour mode

       AM/PM display

       Programmable leading zero suppression

       Autorotate Date display

       Autorotate Seconds display

l        Date display

       DD/MM mode

       MM/DD mode

       Leap year correction

l        Programmable column separator (4 – modes)

l        Programmable tubes shut-down during night time

l        Visual effects

l        Tube's lifetime counter

l        Cathode poisoning prevention

l        Tube testing routine

l        Tubes backlight with programmable brightness

l        Temperature display

       Celsius readout

       Fahrenheit readout

       Programmable offset auto correction

l        Alarm clock

l        Programmable power supply voltage

l        Time accuracy auto correction

l        All settings and time are stored into EEPROM memory





l        Microchip PIC16F88 main controller

l        Programming interface

l        Drive mode: 4x1 multiplex

l        High voltage power supply with PWM – PI controller and software shut-down (160V…200V)

l        Dedicated MOSFET driver for high efficiency SMPS

l        2 pushbuttons

l        Temperature sensor (0…+99ºC)

l        Tubes backlight 4 blue LED

l        Alarm buzzer

l        Power supply: 9-15V @ 600-1000mA DC; 5.5/2.1mm jack with positive inner. recommended 12V 1A DC PSU. It does not matter stabilized or not

l        Auto recovery fuse

l        High precision (10ppm) timebase XTAL

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Availability: in stock

Condition: never used

NCV3.1-16 may be obatained at a cost of: US$ 105.95

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